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Ask a Question

To publish a Question : Click on the "Publish" button at the top right and then select "Question" from the drop-down menu.

To make your Question visible to your team, it must be assigned to an audience (groups or individuals). Choose your audience from the drop-down menu in the box provided.

If you are not part of a group, you cannot publish in that group.

If you cannot find the group or person you want to share your publication with, type the name of the group or person in the box provided.

Enter the Title of the Question in the box provided for this purpose.

Choose keywords that are relevant to the content of your Question so that you can easily find it later from our search bar.

Now it is time to write the Question, really easy. Type or copy and paste the text into the box provided.

You can format your text (bold, italic, underlined, crossed out) or insert links, images, videos... directly in the body of the text.

Now you just have to publish your Question by clicking on the Publish button in the bottom right corner.

Updated on: 26/05/2020

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