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Create a Group (Method No.2)

Create a group in seconds with Group directory 😄

Create a group

To create a group, it's very simple: click on Groups List in your Application bar and then on Click on Create a group.

Complete the following form to add basic information of Group such as :

Title of the Group
Description of the Group
Privacy level
Banner for the Group

Once the form is completed, you have two choices :

Create : Create the group without further configuration
Create and Configure : Further configure your group (e.g. Default member status, Application blocks, etc.).

Once you have finished the entire form, click on the Save button.

There are 3 levels of confidentiality for groups: Public groups (Visible in the Group directory, accessible by all user), Request to Join (Visible in the Group directory, accessible if accepted by the group administrator) and Private groups (Not visible in the directory, only accessible by invitation from the administrator).

You can also create a group via Publish button.

Updated on: 26/05/2020

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